Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Earn money adfly vs sponsoredtweets

Adfly vs Sponsored Tweets

Some of my friends are asking me about adfly and sponsoredtweets to make money with twitter. You can make easy money from both of them. However let me tell you what is the difference adfly and sponsored tweets. Better is that you should join adfly and you should join sponsoredtweets too to make money with twitter.

Main Difference

Adfly is a program to make money by sharing link. While Sponsoredtweets is a program to make money per tweets and clicks. Main difference is that, in adfly you are sharing link, but in sponsoredtweets you are sharing ads.

SponsoredTweets Win

The amount paid for sponsoredtweets payperclick is higher than the amount paid by adfly. The minimum you can get for pay per click is USD0.02 per click.
The amount paid for paypertweet is much higher and you can determine the price or follow suggested price.

Adfly Win

In sponsoredtweets, you need to wait for opportunities. But in adfly there is no need to wait. Just shorten the link and share.
In sponsoredtweets, you will get paid once or until the advertiser's budget depleted. In adfly your link will always give you money as long as people click on it.
With adfly, you can automate your twitter to be a money making machine but not with sponsoredtweets.


You should join both sponsoredtweets and adfly. Adfly provide passive income and sponsoredtweets provide bonus. What a nice combination to make money with twitter.


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